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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light NEW free content update v4.0 available now for Apple Arcade & Steam!

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light is BACK with a brand-new free content update: Version 4.0! Available now for Apple Arcade and Steam (and coming soon for consoles!) NEATO BURRITO! Check out the details below:

- GREG joins the adventure (complete with all new abilities, upgrades, costumes, and brand-new VO by Tom Scharpling!) And yes, when he jams out... it even changes the battle's background music! Happy Father's Day, Mr. Universe! (Greg is playable both in Rose's Room AND the main Story Mode!)

- Introducing: ROSE'S ROOM, a brand-new and faster-paced "rogue-lite" gameplay mode! Rose's Room features separate progression and save data from Story Mode and changes up the structure, rules, and pacing of the usual Unleash the Light gameplay - plus adds new features, enemies, rewards, and surprises along the way! Pick your starting character and embark on their very own Magical Mission! Power them up across many runs, building unique teams and loadouts with each attempt! How many runs will it take you to win?

- 6 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS, 3 NEW BADGES, and over a dozen NEW CHARM TYPES to find and unlock!

- SAVE SLOTS have now been added to Steam and the forthcoming console versions! Your previous save data is automatically migrated to Save Slot 1

- Applied various balance adjustments, minor improvements, and fixes across the game

- We've added a very special unlockable surprise for the biggest UTL fans (rumor has it that it's our BIGGEST hidden surprise in any of The Light Trilogy games!...)

From our entire team: thank you for playing UNLEASH THE LIGHT! 

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  1. What’s the special unlockable surprise? Can you put some hints on your tumblr?



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