Thursday, December 25, 2014

Castle Doombad makes "Best of 2014" Lists!

Dr. Lord Evilstein is pleased!

Castle Doombad, our diabolical tower-defense game published by Adult Swim Games, has made its evil way onto numerous Best of 2014 lists around the web!

Doombad made MetaCritic's 25 Best Reviewed iOS games of 2014 list, and iPhoneFAQ, GameZebo, and Touch Arcade all gave the game a nod as one of their Top 10 games of the year!

Finally, we're very humbled to see Castle Doombad selected for Apple's yearly list on iTunes as one of the Best Apps of 2014 !

We are thrilled to end the year on this very positive note -- our humble thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and supported the game!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Upcoming Cartoon Network Games: ‘Adventure Time: Game Wizard’ & ‘Steven Universe: Attack the Light’!

This past weekend Grumpyface debuted TWO new mobile games to the wonderful people attending PAX Prime 2014, in collaboration with Cartoon Network!  Introducing: Adventure Time: Game Wizard and Steven Universe: Attack the Light!
Adventure Time: Game Wizard allows players to action-platform their way through an all new Adventure Time story, OR create their own levels and worlds to share with friends.  

Game Wizard is being co-developed with the awesome guys over at Pixel Press, who's innovative camera capture technology allows players to draw out their levels on graph paper and snap a photo with the app’s camera — transforming their sketches into colorful game worlds inside the Land of Ooo!  
Also on the way is Steven Universe: Attack the Light, a mobile RPG in the vein of Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario!

Alongside strategic turn-based combat, players can perform special timed inputs to earn bonus attacks, defensive maneuvers, or counter-attacks!  Outside of combat and dungeon-explorartion, the game also features a choice-driven dialogue tree system AND an original story written by Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey, and the Steven Universe show team!  (If you haven’t already checked out this super charming show on CN — DO IT! ..and become huge fans like us!)

Stay tuned for much more on both games!

Fun fact: this marks our third and fourth collab with our buds at Cartoon Network!  This past weekend was also our first PAX experience -- check out that ginormous booth:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Castle Doombad free "Slaycation" content update available now!

Our brand new free content update for Castle Doombad is available now for iOS!  (And the game is on sale this week only for $0.99!  Grab it now! )

Even Bad Guys need a getaway.  Help Dr. Lord Evilstein defend his luxurious vacation castle from an onslaught of do-gooders seeking to rescue their princesses!

Full feature list:

- All new “Slaycation” chapter with 15 new stages (unlocked after you have 'crowned' 12 stages)

- The new chapter adds the “two princesses” feature (with the new Beach Princess). Players earn screams twice as quickly, but must defend both princesses simultaneously

- Three all new traps: Iron Maiden, the Spark Minion, and the Giant Boulder of Death

- Two new heroes: the Lifeguard and the Galaxy Soldier

- New “randomize trap shelf button” – shake up your arsenal of weapons and adapt your strategy on the fly with randomized traps. Receive a bonus from completing stages with all randomized traps

- Six new achievements

- The Coin Doubler now doubles all bonus coin rewards (not just coins you pick up in the castle)

- Evilstein's scolding message bubbles can now be hidden immediately by tapping the screen

- You can now play your own device music with the game

- Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Monday, March 24, 2014

Castle Doombad available now on Android and Kindle!

Calling all would-be dark lords... our critically acclaimed game Castle Doombad is now available on all Android and Kindle devices!

Grab it now on Google Play or the Amazon App Store and show those heroes who's boss!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Available now: "Castle Doombad" for iOS!

New year... new game!  Available today for iPhone and iPad is our third collaboration with Adult Swim Games!  Check out: Castle Doombad -- It's Good to be Bad!