Thursday, December 6, 2018

Teeny Titans 2: Teen Titans GO Figure! new free update... with Online Multiplayer!

The new Teeny Titans 2: Teen Titans GO Figure! free content update is available now! It's... THE LEGION OF DOOM!!

All new figs, all new missions, and best of all: ... all new ONLINE PVP MULTIPLAYER! Oh yeah!

See you online!


NOTE ON INTERNATIONAL AVAILABILITY: Teen Titans: GO Figure! has not been made available in some regions, including Europe, due to pending GDPR privacy compliance. We'll share an update on the status and release timing once it has been provided us. Our sincere apologies to any affected by the delay.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Save the Light Out Now on Nintendo Switch eShop!

Steven Universe: Save the Light is available now digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop in North America! Click here to grab it now! The global release is Friday, Nov. 2!

We're very proud to finally bring Save the Light to a Nintendo platform! A huge THANK YOU to all our fans for your support and patience (it's been a long time coming!)

Please note that, despite this digital release today, unfortunately Cartoon Network has had to delay the OKKO/Save the Light retail bundle for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch to March 2019. We are truly sorry to those waiting for this version.

Last but not least, an extra special thanks to our good friends at Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar, and the mega-talented Steven Universe show team! Also thanks to the fine folks at Outright Games for the wonderful port work!

We hope you enjoy the game!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Save the Light available now on Steam/PC/Mac, Coming soon to Nintendo Switch!

Steven Universe: Save the Light is coming to brand new platforms... in a BIG way!

First: you can now play the game on PC or Mac... TODAY! It's available now on Steam by clicking the image below:

We're also very proud to announce, by popular demand: Save the Light is finally coming to Nintendo Switch! Available October 30th in North America and November 2nd in Europe as a stand-alone digital download, OR you can also grab...

The Save the Light / OK K.O. Let's Play Heroes combo pack coming to retail stores as a physical boxed product in March 2019!

This is the first time we're having a game sold in actual retail stores, and our team couldn't be more thrilled! Not to mention that we're all lifelong Nintendo fans here, so having our work finally hit a Nintendo platform is truly special! 

Thank you SO much for the incredible support of the fans who've waited so long to play STL on these new platforms! Also thanks to our friends at Finite Reflection for porting the game to Steam, and Outright Games for bringing it to Switch and retail stores!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Teeny Titans 2: Teen Titans GO FIgure! - Available Today!

Our next mobile game from us and our friends at Cartoon Network is out TODAY! We hope you'll check out Teeny Titans 2: Teen Titans GO Figure!

Collect all your favorite DC characters, customize and level 'em up, and battle it out!

Available now on Google Play and tonight on iOS App Store and Amazon Kindle!

NOTE: Currently Teen Titans GO Figure! is pending release in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Click here for more information.