Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Wispin!


On this day 10 years ago, Wispin was released for the iPhone! Happy Anniversary to our first ever game, and thank you so much to our players, families, and friends for your love and support all these years!

Wispin was made back when there were only three of us, before we had our first office, and before we knew if we'd be able to keep making games at all (or ever have it be a full-time job, in lieu of continued moonlighting!) 

It's been an amazing 10 years, and we're so grateful for everything we've experienced and all the friends we've made along the way!

Art by the wonderful Justin Booth:  You can see two of the original iTunes screengrabs below:

Thursday, August 20, 2020

New "Unleash the Light" v2.0.0 Content Update is Here... and so is Peridot!

AVAILABLE NOW: Steven Universe: Unleash the Light FREE new content update v2.0!
Embark on an all new (and all mysterious) storyline, explore a brand new chapter with new
baddies to battle and loot to collect, and, best of all: a familiar face finally joins the adventure...

Play it now with Apple Arcade on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV:

Thank you to all our players for your continued support! Check out the full update

notes below:

Unleash the Light - Content Update Release Notes (v2.0)

  • A mysterious new threat emerges when the Crystal Gems receive a cryptic transmission from the deep reaches of space… 

  • Peridot joins the adventure as the 7th playable character, bringing along her modified robonoids (...and a few other special tricks up her sleeve!)

  • An all-new environment to explore with over 9 new stages, new environment puzzles, AND new baddies to battle! (Note: You must reach at least Chapter 3 before you can trigger the sidequest that ultimately unlocks this bonus chapter)

  • 4 New Badges, 10 new Charms, and 5 New Achievements to unlock!  (Check out the new Achievements from the Settings screen!)

  • You can now “disenchant” old charms in your inventory! Tap unwanted charms on the character equipment page to trade them in for resources!

  • Added the option to ‘skip’ dialogue sequences and some repeating George animations via a new “skip” button in the top left corner

  • Every character now unlocks free bonus charms upon levelling up to lvl 15, 20, 25, and 30 (these also unlock retroactively for characters already higher level prior to v2.0.0)

  • Various other minor QOL improvements, bug fixes and stability improvements added

Friday, May 8, 2020

New "Unleash the Light" Content Update v1.1.0 Available Now!

A new free content update (v1.1.0) is now available for Steven Universe: Unleash the Light on Apple Arcade! Thank you so much to Steven Universe fans and all our players for your support, and be sure to keep your eye out for more soon!

Please check out the new additions below:

Unleash the Light - Content Update Release Notes (v1.1.0)
• New playable fusion: Smoky Quartz! Unlocked by Amethyst at level 8 – fill the teamwork bar while she’s in the party! 

 New battle abilities added for every playable character, like Steven’s Ukulele and Holo-Pearl! Find them at the end of each character’s upgrade trees.
 More skillpoints to spend! You now earn 3 points for upgrading at level 5, 10, and 15. (These extra points are awarded retroactively if your characters are already higher level)
 7 new Sidequests and an all-new Sidequest tracker menu have been added! Find the new quests in each chapter’s “town” stage.
 New teamwork abilities added for Lapis and Bismuth! Let’s go, B-Team!

 When Garnet uses the Counterattack ability, all her other attacks now deal extra damage while her spiked knuckles are active! (She’s stronger than you.) 

 A surprising new turn of events now occurs during both the Chapter 2 Boss Battle and during the final boss battle…
 Newly added tutorials, updated animations, and additional polish added! 

 Various bug fixes and stability improvements added! Special note: if you believe you lost your save data in the past, please try this update to see if it’s restored. This issue was related to how save data is tied to Game Center login on Apple Arcade, and previously this login could fail sometimes on game launch, causing save data to not be retrieved (but not erasing it). This issue has been further prevented and should no longer occur.