Thursday, August 20, 2020

New "Unleash the Light" v2.0.0 Content Update is Here... and so is Peridot!

AVAILABLE NOW: Steven Universe: Unleash the Light FREE new content update v2.0!
Embark on an all new (and all mysterious) storyline, explore a brand new chapter with new
baddies to battle and loot to collect, and, best of all: a familiar face finally joins the adventure...

Play it now with Apple Arcade on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV:

Thank you to all our players for your continued support! Check out the full update

notes below:

Unleash the Light - Content Update Release Notes (v2.0)

  • A mysterious new threat emerges when the Crystal Gems receive a cryptic transmission from the deep reaches of space… 

  • Peridot joins the adventure as the 7th playable character, bringing along her modified robonoids (...and a few other special tricks up her sleeve!)

  • An all-new environment to explore with over 9 new stages, new environment puzzles, AND new baddies to battle! (Note: You must reach at least Chapter 3 before you can trigger the sidequest that ultimately unlocks this bonus chapter)

  • 4 New Badges, 10 new Charms, and 5 New Achievements to unlock!  (Check out the new Achievements from the Settings screen!)

  • You can now “disenchant” old charms in your inventory! Tap unwanted charms on the character equipment page to trade them in for resources!

  • Added the option to ‘skip’ dialogue sequences and some repeating George animations via a new “skip” button in the top left corner

  • Every character now unlocks free bonus charms upon levelling up to lvl 15, 20, 25, and 30 (these also unlock retroactively for characters already higher level prior to v2.0.0)

  • Various other minor QOL improvements, bug fixes and stability improvements added


  1. Will be there PC/console version? Or maybe one-time payment version?
    I want to play this game. Daym.

  2. no way! where is the 100% complete prize?