Monday, December 12, 2022

Grumpyface Community Art Contest Winners!

We held our very first Art Challenge over at our official Grumpyface Discord (located here: ) and tasked our community with designing a "early-game swamp enemy" for a fake game. We received so many great submissions, but here were our three favorites!

The top winning entry is "FunGhoul" by @KevinMallonDrac (w/skull poison gas attack!)

For our runner-ups we have “Rollywog” by @moonghostboy -- complete with rolling and tongue attacks:

and “Globby” from @AnormalUser8 with backflip and belly flop attacks! (Plus the general offensive trait of exceeding cuteness)

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter our humble Community Art Challenge and share their huge talents with us!! Please look forward to our next contest after the holidays (And for more of our thoughts on why we picked these winners, and to also check out the other entries, be sure to visit our Discord ✨)

Friday, December 2, 2022

Grumpyface Community Art Contest

We're hosting our very first Community Art Contest over at our official Discord Server! 

For full rules and details, check out our Discord here:

The deadline for submissions is December 9th. Happy Creating!

Friday, November 18, 2022

Unleash the Light bugfix Update 4.0.3 Available on Steam

A new Unleash the Light bugfix patch is now available on Steam! (v4.0.3) This patch fixes several issues from the previous version, including a handful of badges that stopped functioning correctly, an issue where winning a battle with only a fusion left alive would incorrectly trigger Game Over, and several other minor issues. This patch also now prevents Peridot from summoning a mighty army of Pumpkins (despite how glorious that was). You can read the full patch notes here:

Note: Unfortunately due to a logistical issue with our publisher, the console and Apple Arcade versions of this patch have been pushed back to a TBD date. We will share an update on the timing of their release when we receive one ourselves. Our apologies for the delay.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Join the Official Grumpyface Discord!

Introducing the Official Grumpyface Discord! Join our community (and our team) on Discord to chat about our games, gaming and game dev in general, cartoons, or anything else! We're also planning to post exclusive Behind the Scenes peeks at our development process and upcoming projects.

Join today at We'll see ya there!

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Unleash the Light v4.0 available now on consoles!

The console versions of Steven Universe Unleash the Light v4.0 free content update are AVAILABLE NOW! (Previously released on Steam and Apple Arcade!) We hope you enjoy! 🎸⭐️✨

For more information on what's new in this update, click here!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Unleash the Light v4.0 Update -- Console versions available 8/18

The console versions of the Steven Universe: Unleash the Light v4.0 free content update will be available next Thursday afternoon -- 8/18! We're so sorry for the longer than anticipated delay, but hope you'll all enjoy! ⭐️🎸✨

To read more about the v4.0 update (currently available on Steam and Apple Arcade), click here!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Unleash the Light v4.0.1 Bugfix Patch + Console Versions Coming Soon!

Unleash the Light 4.0.1 (533) Bugfix Update patch is now available on Steam! (Coming soon to the Apple Arcade versions + the Console versions of v4.0 will also be available soon!) Please review the patch notes below:

  • Fixed characters losing their second equipped badges when progressing between stages in Rose’s Room

  • Fixed soft locks that could sometimes result from Greg’s jams defeating Squaribot Clones and from the final unlockable character taking damage after using the “Disregard” ability

  • Fixed various issues involving Bismuth’s barrier ability

  • Fixed a math calculation issue that would prevent the “Story Mode” button in the Mode Select screen from displaying 100% completion

  • Fixed an issue in the final battle of Story Mode where the final unlockable character would have their level reset to 30 if present in the party

  • Fixed an exploit where Greg’s jams could be used to fill up the Teamwork Bar for free, and another exploit where cancelling Connie’s portal ability granted free strums from Greg’s jams

  • Fixed some issues that could sometimes occur with forming fusions in Rose’s Room
    Various other minor fixes and stability improvements

As always: thank you for playing Unleash the Light! We'll share an update as soon as the console versions of v4.0 finally become available

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light NEW free content update v4.0 available now for Apple Arcade & Steam!

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light is BACK with a brand-new free content update: Version 4.0! Available now for Apple Arcade and Steam (and coming soon for consoles!) NEATO BURRITO! Check out the details below:

- GREG joins the adventure (complete with all new abilities, upgrades, costumes, and brand-new VO by Tom Scharpling!) And yes, when he jams out... it even changes the battle's background music! Happy Father's Day, Mr. Universe! (Greg is playable both in Rose's Room AND the main Story Mode!)

- Introducing: ROSE'S ROOM, a brand-new and faster-paced "rogue-lite" gameplay mode! Rose's Room features separate progression and save data from Story Mode and changes up the structure, rules, and pacing of the usual Unleash the Light gameplay - plus adds new features, enemies, rewards, and surprises along the way! Pick your starting character and embark on their very own Magical Mission! Power them up across many runs, building unique teams and loadouts with each attempt! How many runs will it take you to win?

- 6 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS, 3 NEW BADGES, and over a dozen NEW CHARM TYPES to find and unlock!

- SAVE SLOTS have now been added to Steam and the forthcoming console versions! Your previous save data is automatically migrated to Save Slot 1

- Applied various balance adjustments, minor improvements, and fixes across the game

- We've added a very special unlockable surprise for the biggest UTL fans (rumor has it that it's our BIGGEST hidden surprise in any of The Light Trilogy games!...)

From our entire team: thank you for playing UNLEASH THE LIGHT! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Greg is the 9th playable character in Unleash the Light!

MR. UNIVERSE IS HERE!  Greg is the 9th playable character coming to Steven Universe: Unleash the Light in free content update v4.0! Available very soon 🎸

Our favorite #GuitarDad joins the adventure with new abilities, new unlockable costumes and upgrades, and all-new VO by Tom Scharpling! Check back later this week when we reveal more details about Greg AND the other new content coming in Unleash The Light v4.0

...and in the meantime, here's an updated Unleash the Light poster featuring the whole gang! Thank you to all our players who've supported us and enjoyed our Steven Universe: The Light Trilogy (and all our #NeatoBurrito-ing) over the years!!