Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Greg is the 9th playable character in Unleash the Light!

MR. UNIVERSE IS HERE!  Greg is the 9th playable character coming to Steven Universe: Unleash the Light in free content update v4.0! Available very soon ­čÄŞ

Our favorite #GuitarDad joins the adventure with new abilities, new unlockable costumes and upgrades, and all-new VO by Tom Scharpling! Check back later this week when we reveal more details about Greg AND the other new content coming in Unleash The Light v4.0

...and in the meantime, here's an updated Unleash the Light poster featuring the whole gang! Thank you to all our players who've supported us and enjoyed our Steven Universe: The Light Trilogy (and all our #NeatoBurrito-ing) over the years!! 


  1. Hi, I think I've found a pretty significant bug that undermines the "inability to revive" thing, because I accidentally gotten it, only once in the first 10 runs I had. I had picked up Sunstone fusion and, after the battle where out of my team only Garnet survived, in the next one I was still able to transform into Sunstone, which let me win the battle, but also made Steven revive after the battle finished and Sunstone unfused. And after that I got two icons of Steven, one replacing Pearl's, which got fixed after everyone revived at the end of the stage.

    I have proof, but only as Steam screenshots.