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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Upcoming Cartoon Network Games: ‘Adventure Time: Game Wizard’ & ‘Steven Universe: Attack the Light’!

This past weekend Grumpyface debuted TWO new mobile games to the wonderful people attending PAX Prime 2014, in collaboration with Cartoon Network!  Introducing: Adventure Time: Game Wizard and Steven Universe: Attack the Light!
Adventure Time: Game Wizard allows players to action-platform their way through an all new Adventure Time story, OR create their own levels and worlds to share with friends.  

Game Wizard is being co-developed with the awesome guys over at Pixel Press, who's innovative camera capture technology allows players to draw out their levels on graph paper and snap a photo with the app’s camera — transforming their sketches into colorful game worlds inside the Land of Ooo!  
Also on the way is Steven Universe: Attack the Light, a mobile RPG in the vein of Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario!

Alongside strategic turn-based combat, players can perform special timed inputs to earn bonus attacks, defensive maneuvers, or counter-attacks!  Outside of combat and dungeon-explorartion, the game also features a choice-driven dialogue tree system AND an original story written by Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey, and the Steven Universe show team!  (If you haven’t already checked out this super charming show on CN — DO IT! ..and become huge fans like us!)

Stay tuned for much more on both games!

Fun fact: this marks our third and fourth collab with our buds at Cartoon Network!  This past weekend was also our first PAX experience -- check out that ginormous booth:


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