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Monday, March 30, 2015

"Attack the Light: Steven Universe RPG" releasing on 4/2/15!

We are excited to announce that "Attack the Light: Steven Universe RPG" will be available this Thursday on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore!

From Cartoon Network Games and developed by Grumpyface Studios, "Attack the Light" is the first Steven Universe game to feature an original story by Rebecca Sugar and the Steven Universe show team.  Featuring touch controls designed specifically for mobile devices, players will explore, solve puzzles, and engage in an innovative turn-based battle system that takes inspiration from beloved classics like Mario RPG and Paper Mario.

To prepare for Thursday's launch, check out some original "Attack the Light" wallpapers below.  And remember... Believe in Steven!

Attack the Light: Steven Universe RPG Wallpaper Resolutions:

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