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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Improvement update: v1.0.4 available now!

What's New in Version 1.0.4:

We've been working hard to address issues and constructive criticism, please check out these updates and improvements to the game:

- Greatly improved loading times for all devices!

- Greatly improved controls, movement physics, and character hitboxes to provide the player an easier and more enjoyable experience!

- New control sensitivity slider bars that allow you to customize the controls exactly to your liking! (For both tilt and joystick) Located in options screen

- The last of the iPod Touch 4 crashing bugs should be squashed

- Our first free "Big Content Update" is still on the way -- currently planned to arrive in the next few weeks! Get ready for a new map, new gameplay features that add a new element to the Wispin experience, and more! Check this blog again soon for a preview update!

As always, feel free to send feedback or any issues to feedback@grumpyfacestudios.com We read ALL emails!

If this update has improved things for you or fixed any issues, or if you're really enjoying the game, please take a moment to update your App Store review or write a new one - it helps us out a bunch!

Click HERE to view Wispin on the App Store. Thanks and see ya soon!

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