Friday, January 28, 2011

First Screenshot of Wispin v1.1 Free Content Update!

Hot off the presses, Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming Free Content Update (Wispin v1.1):

This spiffy new screenshot gives a first look at the new Glacier level, which features a rather noteworthy gameplay change to the classic Wispin formula... we hope you're ready to have things mixed up!  

Quite a few juicy tidbits can be gleaned from this shot regarding several new features from the update... We'll leave the pondering to you!  Stay tuned, we're hoping to have this baby out late next week!


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering do you have any plans on bringing this game to Sony's NGP system. I think it would be cool to play Wispin on it.

    Thanks & have a wonderful day.

  2. It looks really fun :) Is the new enemy and powerup going to only be in the new area or all of them?

  3. Looks really, really fun.

    You guys are updating pretty frequently. Nice to see you actually listen to the consumers :)

  4. At this time we do not have any plans on bringing the game to the upcoming NGP, primarily because of the small size of our team and our current focus being solely on iOS devices. This could definitely change in the future, though!

    Nick: Thanks man! Yes, both Bleek (the new enemy) and the new powerup will be available in all levels and modes in the game. :)

    Anon: Thank you very much! We're trying our best, and it is always motivating to know it doesn't go unnoticed :)

  5. Hey Chris, I've found a bug that maybe you can fix and squeeze into the update. If you're in pinspin mode and one of the giant bloopers falls down, you will get your combo immensely high if your underneath it. I got from around 30 to just over 100 one time.