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Thursday, April 15, 2021

New "Unleash the Light" v3.0.0 Content Update Available Now -- featuring Connie & Lion!


A new FREE content update is available now for Steven Universe: Unleash the Light on Apple Arcade (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV), Nintendo SwitchPlaystation 4Xbox One, and Steam!

Thank you so much for playing our Steven Universe games! Here's the full update notes for this new version:

• CONNIE & LION join the adventure as a special duo-character (complete with all new upgrades and costumes)! Perhaps you can learn about their whereabouts by visiting the Palace of Light later during your adventure...
• Explore the mysterious BLACK HOLE and experience an all-new mode featuring the new STAGE GENERATOR and THREE DIFFICULTY MODES (each with their own rewards and altered rulesets)! Complete the main story to unlock! 
• 5 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS, 4 NEW BADGES and over two dozen NEW CHARM TYPES to find and unlock! 
• Every character’s max level cap has been increased from 30 to 35! (And yes, this means more upgrade points to spend!) 
• You can now replay the second boss battle and unlock both story branch achievements! (Note: If a character has left your party as part of a story branch event, they must return to the party before you can replay this boss battle) 
• When playing with gamepad controllers, you can now hear your party’s “idle dialogue” by pushing the action button while they’re standing around outside of battle 
• Increased the power of fusions and performed a variety of additional minor balance adjustments across all playable characters 
• Adjusted the final boss stage encounters to be a little more difficult 
• Fixed a number of instances of possible “soft locks”/freezes associated with Bismuth’s Barrier, the Light Dopplegangers boss, the PeriDecoy, Garnet’s counter-attack, Holo-Pearl, and several other situations 
• Applied various other minor improvements, adjustments, and fixes across the game 
• A ‘big’ special surprise can now be unlocked…

We hope you enjoy!


  1. .... I was literally just thinking about this game earlier today, wondering if there was going to be any more updates. In fact, it must have been about the time this post went up.

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