Monday, January 19, 2015

Adventure Time Game Wizard -- Draw your own Adventure Time game!

Get ready for some crazy wiz biz!  Our new Cartoon Network game, Adventure Time Game Wizard, is available NOW on App Store, Google Play, and Amazon!
Co-Developed with our good friends at Pixel Press,  Game Wizard allows players to create their own Adventure Time games with in-app tools OR by drawing with real-life pen and paper and using innovative camera capture technology to scan their creations into the game!  Once designed, players can submit their games to the app's Game Wizard Arcade -- and share them with the world!

Also featured is a huge open-world "Metroidvania"-styled adventure throughout the land of Ooo, an all new story, and a new original Adventure Time character we created for the game: The Doodle Wizard!  (Guest Voiced by non other than the legendary "Weird Al" Yankovic!  -- yeah, you can bet we're still geeking out about that!)

We had a blast playing around in the world of Adventure Time!  Hope to see your games in the Arcade!


  1. Hey,glad to see your writing.It's that sort of distinctive edge that sets Adventure Time Game Wizard more than an average iOS game for young fans of the show:its a project,a cross-media exploration of creative joy, and it can be a considerable measure of fun.What's more with definitely scads of different players designing and sharing their own little ponders for everybody to enjoy,it could remain faithful to fans for a long while.Thank you so much.
    ~Jessica Glean.

  2. Does the game also work with external controllers? For example the phonejoy, ouya or Archos Gamepad (2)?

    Sure hope so.

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