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Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Regular Show: Ghost Toasters" now available on Google Play and Amazon Kindle!

Now Android players can join in on paranormal pulverizing, just in time for Halloween!  Check out Ghost Toasters on Google Play and Amazon Kindle!


  1. This game is awesome. Any chance you will be porting Wispin to Android god I miss that game but alas no more iPad. Would like to play Castle doombad at some point too you Guys have always been amazing devs I knew since wispin you would go on to make great games.

  2. Hey Joe, thanks so much for the kind words and report! It really means a lot to us (and we love hearing about people who still love our "older" games)

    Sad to say, although Wispin still holds a special place in our hearts, we do not currently have plans/time for an Android release. Though we'd love to do it some day, it won't be in the near future. Castle Doombad, however, will be making its debut on Android very soon - so stay tuned!

  3. Good game. There are similar games like this playable in pc, like Animal Connection

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