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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Super Mole Escape: Tips, Tricks, & Easter Eggs

Need help burrowing out of the big house in our new game, Super Mole Escape?  (Now Available on the App Store!)  Want to break your distance record, or get an edge in mole-tiplayer?  Check out some hints and tips, straight from us, the developer! (you know we've got the goods!)   And maybe we’ll also reveal an easter egg or two…

Let’s start off with some hot TIPS:

Mama, I’m goin’ fast!
Super Mole Escape is all about speed.  So if you really want to boot scoot, collect those gems!  Collecting every same-colored gem from a line will give you an immediate speed boost that can be chained or “combo’d” up to 4 times to become even faster (just keep nabbin’ as many as you can as you’re blazing through the stage!) 

Not only does gem-boosting put some pep in your mole-step, it also grants you temporary invincibility.   That’s right: when gem-boosting you can plow straight through mines, ice gusts, electric zappers, and even rocks (basically just start going crazy once you see all the pretty colors!)  Gem-boosting also allows you to maintain full speed when going “off-track”, so use this as your opportunity to find all sorts of sneaky shortcuts in the stage.  Fancy that.

Did we mention that the very same gems granting you those fabulous boosts also add right to your bank at the end of the round?  Who ever knew breaking the law could be so profitable!

Every little bit counts!
If you want to squeeze even more speed out of your prisoner, try to stay on the track for over six seconds, and without hitting a wall, rock, or obstacle.  You'll hear a small audio cue and notice wind streaks appear around your character, signaling you've activated the "track boost".  This automatically grants an additional 15% speed increase that sustains until you go off-track or bump into something.  More speed?  I'll take it!

Hammer Time
Those happy little bouncing crates you see stuck in the dirt?  Smash ‘em!  You’ll definitely want the treasures contained within, as they grant you an item that can be used any time by tapping the square icon that appears on screen.

Strategic use of items goes a long way in Super Mole Escape, especially as you progress deeper into the stage.  Keep that pesky warden off your back a well-timed bomb drop, hammer smash, or shield activation.  In fact, holding on to your items for the perfect opportunity often proves more successful than using them immediately, so watch those trigger-fingers!

Everyone enjoys a good Warden-smashing, but don’t forget you can also use items to break rocks in your way, or as a defense against the various crazy enemies and hazards you encounter on the stage.  When in doubt… smash and shoot everything into oblivion!

I want to break freeee
The next time you find yourself trapped, frozen as a mole-sicle, or inside a sticky worm belly (ew), tap the crap out of that item button!  Hammers, rockets, drills and shields all break you free in a jiffy!

Transform And Roll Out
Be on the look out for large diamonds hidden throughout the stages!  Collecting three will automatically transform your mole into a lean, mean, robotic-super-drill-powered-uber-digging machine!  While wearing the Super Drill Suit, you’ll be invincible and descend at crazy fast speeds (and you can still pick up gems!)

Harder, Faster, Stronger
You can use your gems to power-up your prisoners in the game’s Upgrade Shop, and doing so will greatly improve your ability to reach record new depths.  Each prisoner has unique proficiencies: some are stronger, allowing you to smash through rocks and break free from hazards with ease, while others have benefits in overall speed and acceleration.

Each prisoner also comes with their own Special Item Proficiency, and in some ways these upgrades are the most powerful enhancements in the game.  Hammer proficiency can earn you more swings, rocket proficiency can give you boosts from successfully blasting your targets, or you can even gain invincibility against mines with a special shield upgrade.  Find a prisoner proficient in your favorite item, and then get diggin’!

Make it rain… gems!
Saving up for an upgrade or a new character?  There are a number of different ways to beef up your bank, from collecting gems in the stage, to winning prizes from the Judgment Wheel.  If you’re really focused on fund-raising, you can also try to earn rewards from completing all 35 special challenges!  Watch for new challenges at the end of a stage, or pause your game at any time to see which three are active.  Each challenges nets you a nice little reward, and the more you complete, the higher gem amounts you’ll receive.

You can also buy large amounts of gems with real-life money as In-App Purchases from the “Get More Gems” button on the shop screen, but we’ve made sure to keep this purchase system completely optional.

Mole-tiplayer Madness
In Versus Mode, the first mole to fall in the Warden’s clutches loses the match.  If you’re finding yourself eating dirt too often, check out these handy tips:

- Upgrade that mole!  You still earn gems while playing Versus matches (and you earn even more gems from winning!) so don’t forget to hit up the upgrade shop to beef up your prisoner after a few matches. 

- Whack-A-Mole!  You can slow down your opponent with bombs, rockets, and hammers.  Show no mercy!

- Get those crates!  If you find yourself falling behind in a match: don’t lose hope!  Players who lag behind get an automatic HUGE increase to their chances of receiving the special boost-drill from the item crates.  This will greatly improve your chances of catching up, so as soon as you lose ground, find a box!  And when you’re rocketing through the dirt with that drill, don’t forget you can still aim for gem boosts (which continue to multiply your speed!  Zzzzoooooommmmm!)

- If your opponent is in the lead and nabbing up gem-lines… don’t fret!  If they miss even a single gem in a line, you can easily grab whatever is remaining and still get the full boost!

- The more Versus matches you win, the closer you get to a new Rank Up!  There are 13 ranks total, and each one awards both 600 gems and a shiny new badge and title!  No player in the world has yet to reach Rank 13… can you be the first?

Secret secret, I’ve got a secret
Super Mole Escape is filled with a number of secrets, easter eggs, and silly little in-jokes that make us giggle.  Here’s a few:

 - The prisoner line-up on the main menu holds a few curious items that can be revealed with some screen-panning finesse..

- The Power-Up Shop holds a few fun extras, including special “trails” you can attach to your moles behind as you dig.  Leave behind bubbles, fabulous hearts, and even… cheese?  What is it with us and cheese?

- Every character has a locked “alternate costume” that can be opened up from the Upgrade Shop, and these can even be worn and shown-off in Versus Mode.  Some of the costumes are pretty radical looking, while others are… different.  One of the designers responsible might have a strange fascination with fluffy bunnies… 

-  Two of the seven selectable characters are familiar faces, returning from our previous games, Bring Me Sandwiches!! and Wispin.  What are those guys doing in an underground prison, anyway??

And that’s it for now;  we hope you’re enjoying Super Mole Escape, and we also hope to see you online!  Check out our Forum to find other players to compete against, and check back to this blog for future updates!



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