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Friday, September 16, 2011

Grumpyface And Adult Swim Games Present: Bring Me Sandwiches!!

We are beyond excited to finally announce our second iOS title: Bring Me Sandwiches!!  Developed in partnership and published by the good guys at Adult Swim Games, Bring Me Sandwiches!! will be available on the App Store in just a few short weeks!
     In Bring Me Sandwiches!! the world finds itself at the mercy of a ruthless alien invader with only one weakness: his love for sandwiches! In this unique puzzle-platform hybrid players take control of timid fast food worker Jimmy Nugget, who unexpectedly encounters the hungry alien while taking out the trash. Jimmy must satisfy the invader’s immense interstellar appetite by traversing across obstacle-filled environments and making sandwiches from anything within reach, including garbage, appliances, and even pedestrians!
     Along the way Jimmy will be on the look-out for special menu requests that take the form of scavenger hunts, and even alien technology that can power up his sandwiches! Bring Me Sandwiches!! features over two dozen challenging stages, customizable tilt and digital button control options, and completely crazy-unique gameplay.
The first screenshots of the game have also been released:

Check back soon for more!


  1. WOW, looks amazing! I just love the art. Can't wait to try it out!

  2. Adult Swim?? Very nice! Sandwiches looks fantastic :)

  3. I'm curious to see how it plays, but it looks pretty great. When can we expect a video?

  4. Can't wait! I realize you're past this point, but I have the perfect theme song for it: http://thesongoftheday.com/index.cgi?_w=1&_d=100608

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