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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wispin v1.1 major free content update arrives!

The new major content update for Wispin has arrived!  v1.1 is free for current players, and new customers can grab the game for $0.99!  Get it now: http://bit.ly/WispinApp

 And here are the juicy update notes:
We've been hard at work adding to the game and improving it from the ground up... It's practically a whole new Wispin! Be sure to check out all the new goodies and changes:


NEW CONTENT in v1.1:
- NEW LEVEL: The Bloopers have invaded a mysterious new environment... The Glacier! This brand new level features a twist on the classic Wispin gameplay -- prepare to have things mixed up! You'll also find yourself jammin' to new music by Jeffrey Robens!
- NEW ENEMY: Introducing the newest Blooper: Bleek the thief! Watch out, this feisty fellow darts all over the place and can temporarily steal one of your colors! 
- NEW ITEM: The new "Spirit Touch" item powers up Wispin and allows the player to tap on the screen directly to defeat enemies! 
- NEW GAMEPLAY TYPE: On the new Glacier level, instead of changing Wispin's color directly you must now fly through special teleporting spotlights in order to acquire the different colors! We hope you're ready for a new type of challenge as you'll have to manage your offensive options more strategically and take a more defensive and evasive approach!
- NEW ACHIEVEMENTS, STATS TRACKING, & LEADERBOARDS: Do we have any OCD completists out there?
- Enemy AI has been improved, and you'll even see those pesky Bloopers moving in new advanced patterns!
- The first few waves have been sped up and the action increased - to get you into the excitement quicker!
- The canyon map has been overhauled to be roomier and play better, and to prevent less clutter/confusion in the corners. You can now also throw items over the chasm without getting them stuck!
- New graphical tweaks and polish such as a snazzy new Pinspin combo bar graphic
- Increased effectiveness of items! Cheese now attracts all enemy types and provides a stronger hypnosis, and bombs detonate faster. Also, items now disappear after remaining on the playing field for too long to help avoid clutter
- Tons of bug fixes, crash fixes, memory management, polish, and clean-up from head to toe!
- For those that missed our last update: controls and load times saw major improvements and we even added control sensitivity options!
If you like Wispin and have enjoyed these updates so far, please help us out by writing an app store review (or updating an old one) and also by spreading the word about Wispin on the interweb (or hey, even real life)!
If you experience any problems, the best thing to do is get in touch with us at feedback@grumpyfacestudios.com and we'll help you out! Also feel free to contact us and let us know what you think of the game, or just to say hi!
We really hope you enjoy!


  1. At first I didn't like how the update changed the field but now I'm loving it, even more addictive than before. The glacier is nice too but could use a little bit of work. My suggestions would be to have the bloopers avoid the portals as it is very easy to change colors while going after one and ending up losing a life. Also, once when I used the new powerup that allows you to tap on the bloopers, my Wispin spawned at the top of the level and was stuck, I had to restart it.

    Now that you've released this new update, are you still going to work on Wispin or are you working on something else?


  2. Hey Chris,
    I love your game, but I'm not as coordinated as some other folks! Would love it if you could include virtual currency to help me unlock other features by completing some other action instead. Are there any plans to move in this direction?

  3. Nick: I realize this is a (very) late reply, but I wanted to thank you for the feedback! We fixed one of those issues in the last update a few months back, and we should be able to tackle that other one the next time we return to Wispin for an update. To answer your last question: we've been hard at work on a new game that is completely different from Wispin. Keep a look out for it!

    Katherine: There are no plans for virtual currency or in-app purchases at this time, though we might look into some sort of practice or 'easy' mode in the future. We're always looking into other ways to improve thegame experience for players of all skill levels and might pursue other alternatives as well.



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