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Monday, December 13, 2010

Wispin Update v1.0.2 Released

New update (v1.0.2) released today!  Patch notes follow:
New in version 1.0.2:

- Further improved tilt and joystick controls! We are working hard to get these perfect, and we feel they are now more precise and responsive than ever before! Please continue to send constructive criticism and we'll continue to improve!

- Various bug fixes and cleanup
- New Facebook and Twitter score-sharing integration! On Game Over, look for the new buttons to quickly and easily post your scores online! It's always fun to brag, eh?
More coming soon! Our next planned update will be our first big 'content' update!
If you enjoy the game, please help our indie efforts by spreading the word and also reviewing the game on the app store. 
Visit our blog to contact us or follow our updates: grumpyfacestudios.blogspot.com 
Thanks to everyone for your wonderful feedback and support thusfar!
Hope you all enjoy!  (BTW: Look for the Part 3 in the Making Of blog series later this week.. sorry for the delay!) 


  1. I love this game and am looking forward to the content update :) I hope you add some more areas, it's amazing how different the field and canyon stages feel. Just one suggestion, the facebook and twitter buttons are great for those that have them, but perhaps allow everyone else to hide them through the options menu.

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions, Nick!



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