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Monday, October 23, 2017

Save the Light introduces an all new Homeworld Gem to Steven Universe!

Introducing: Hessonite! Now get out of her way!
We're proud and excited to reveal that our upcoming console RPG, Steven Universe: Save the Light, introduces a BIG brand new character to the franchise: HESSONITE!

We had a wonderful experience working closely with Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar to help create this new character. Voiced by Emmy and Tony winner Christine Baranski, Hessontie is a powerful Homeworld Gem commander. As the main antagonist of Save the Light, she represents a major threat to Steven and his friends.

So, what is her story? How is she connected to the Prism from Attack the Light? And just how sparkly is that cape?? Find out all this and more in Save the Light!
Over the coming weeks we’ll also be sharing concept art, sketches, and details about the collaborative work that led to her creation! 
Save the Light will be available to purchase as a digital download for PS4 in North America and Latin America on 10/31 (other regions TBA), and worldwide on Xbox One on 11/3! Pre-orders for the Xbox version begin today, here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/Steven-Universe-Save-the-Light/BV8C35XSMJMK#


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  2. My only question is, will it be able to be digitally downloaded at 12AM cause I'm currently waiting for the time, and I just wanted to make sure before I stay up for nothing.

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