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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light NEW free content update v4.0 available now for Apple Arcade & Steam!

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light is BACK with a brand-new free content update: Version 4.0! Available now for Apple Arcade and Steam (and coming soon for consoles!) NEATO BURRITO! Check out the details below:

- GREG joins the adventure (complete with all new abilities, upgrades, costumes, and brand-new VO by Tom Scharpling!) And yes, when he jams out... it even changes the battle's background music! Happy Father's Day, Mr. Universe! (Greg is playable both in Rose's Room AND the main Story Mode!)

- Introducing: ROSE'S ROOM, a brand-new and faster-paced "rogue-lite" gameplay mode! Rose's Room features separate progression and save data from Story Mode and changes up the structure, rules, and pacing of the usual Unleash the Light gameplay - plus adds new features, enemies, rewards, and surprises along the way! Pick your starting character and embark on their very own Magical Mission! Power them up across many runs, building unique teams and loadouts with each attempt! How many runs will it take you to win?

- 6 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS, 3 NEW BADGES, and over a dozen NEW CHARM TYPES to find and unlock!

- SAVE SLOTS have now been added to Steam and the forthcoming console versions! Your previous save data is automatically migrated to Save Slot 1

- Applied various balance adjustments, minor improvements, and fixes across the game

- We've added a very special unlockable surprise for the biggest UTL fans (rumor has it that it's our BIGGEST hidden surprise in any of The Light Trilogy games!...)

From our entire team: thank you for playing UNLEASH THE LIGHT! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Greg is the 9th playable character in Unleash the Light!

MR. UNIVERSE IS HERE!  Greg is the 9th playable character coming to Steven Universe: Unleash the Light in free content update v4.0! Available very soon 🎸

Our favorite #GuitarDad joins the adventure with new abilities, new unlockable costumes and upgrades, and all-new VO by Tom Scharpling! Check back later this week when we reveal more details about Greg AND the other new content coming in Unleash The Light v4.0

...and in the meantime, here's an updated Unleash the Light poster featuring the whole gang! Thank you to all our players who've supported us and enjoyed our Steven Universe: The Light Trilogy (and all our #NeatoBurrito-ing) over the years!! 

Friday, November 12, 2021

Unleash the Light 3.1.0 "Save Slots" Patch for Apple Arcade

A new minor update has been released for Steven Universe: Unleash the Light on Apple Arcade (for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac) that adds a new Save Slots feature as well as some minor improvements and bugfixes. (NOTE: This update will be available for consoles and Steam at a later date.)

For full patch notes, please see below.

- Added the new Save Slots feature to the game's Title Screen. Players with previous save data have had their progress automatically migrated over to the new slots and will also now be able to start fresh new game save data from additional slots.

- Optimized and reduced the game's save data file size

- Added Apple Silicon support for the Apple Arcade Mac version

- Fixed a bug where Rainbow Quartz 2.0's "Rainbow Field" wall was no longer damaging enemies

- This update also includes the fixes and improvements (including some Connie & Lion fixes) from the 3.0.1 Bugfix patch (previously only available on consoles and Steam). The 3.0.1 patch notes are located here: http://grumpyfacestudios.blogspot.com/2021/04/unleash-light-301-bugfix-patch.html

- Various other minor fixes and stability improvements

Thank you to all our Unleash the Light players! Keep an eye out for a bigger UTL update coming soon(ish) 👀

Friday, July 2, 2021

Steven Universe "Save the Light" and "Unleash the Light" both ON SALE on Steam!

Our Steven Universe RPGs “Save the Light” and “Unleash the Light” are both 30% OFF on Steam from now until JULY 8th as part of the Steam Summer Sale! Available on both PC & Mac!! ⭐️✨

Grab Save the Light here: https://t.co/gKk7XC4sf6?amp=1

And Unleash the Light here: https://t.co/n16VXWx9Ob?amp=1

Neato 🌯!!

Friday, April 23, 2021

Unleash the Light 3.0.1 Bugfix Patch

Unleash The Light 3.0.1 (432) Bugfix Update patch has been released for Steam, PS4/5, and Xbox that addresses the Repeating Achievement Banner display bug as well as several other issues. For full patch notes, please see below.

(Note: while the Steam version is available now, Playstation & Xbox versions may take until the evening or weekend to become available. Also note that Switch and Apple Arcade updates are not available at this time due to the nature of prioritizing/expediting submission for the platforms that were affected by the Achievement Banner issue.)

• Fixed an issue where Achievement banners would repeatedly re-trigger when loading into stages or on the title screen on Steam, PS4, PS5, and Xbox
• Fixed Steven’s “Stronger Together” upgrade not triggering the Attack Up buff upon fusing
• Fixed a soft lock that could sometimes occur when using Connie & Lion’s “Lion Charge” ability and defeating certain enemies with the “multiple bonus star taps” extra damage
• Fixed a possible soft lock and visual issue causing Connie & Lion to get stuck in their defeated animation state sometimes after attacking a counter-attacking enemy (such as the exploding Red Squaribot Drone or Spikey Mr. Swoops)
• Fixed some instances of the Red Squaribot Drone’s death animation “slow-mo” getting stuck until the player restarted the game or triggered another slow-mo moment (like when using Connie & LIon’s Vault Strike ability)
• Fixed a soft lock in the final boss battle of the Palace of Light that occurred when trying to formation switch with a certain guest character while they were poofed
• Prevented an exploit where certain abilities, when cancelled, were giving back more SP than what was spent to activate them
• Fixed Peridot’s sound effects continuing to play even when audio was disabled in the pause screen
• Various other minor fixes and stability improvements

Thank you for playing Unleash the Light! if you encounter any issues with this new version, please be sure to email us and we will be happy to provide support.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

New "Unleash the Light" v3.0.0 Content Update Available Now -- featuring Connie & Lion!


A new FREE content update is available now for Steven Universe: Unleash the Light on Apple Arcade (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV), Nintendo SwitchPlaystation 4Xbox One, and Steam!

Thank you so much for playing our Steven Universe games! Here's the full update notes for this new version:

• CONNIE & LION join the adventure as a special duo-character (complete with all new upgrades and costumes)! Perhaps you can learn about their whereabouts by visiting the Palace of Light later during your adventure...
• Explore the mysterious BLACK HOLE and experience an all-new mode featuring the new STAGE GENERATOR and THREE DIFFICULTY MODES (each with their own rewards and altered rulesets)! Complete the main story to unlock! 
• 5 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS, 4 NEW BADGES and over two dozen NEW CHARM TYPES to find and unlock! 
• Every character’s max level cap has been increased from 30 to 35! (And yes, this means more upgrade points to spend!) 
• You can now replay the second boss battle and unlock both story branch achievements! (Note: If a character has left your party as part of a story branch event, they must return to the party before you can replay this boss battle) 
• When playing with gamepad controllers, you can now hear your party’s “idle dialogue” by pushing the action button while they’re standing around outside of battle 
• Increased the power of fusions and performed a variety of additional minor balance adjustments across all playable characters 
• Adjusted the final boss stage encounters to be a little more difficult 
• Fixed a number of instances of possible “soft locks”/freezes associated with Bismuth’s Barrier, the Light Dopplegangers boss, the PeriDecoy, Garnet’s counter-attack, Holo-Pearl, and several other situations 
• Applied various other minor improvements, adjustments, and fixes across the game 
• A ‘big’ special surprise can now be unlocked…

We hope you enjoy!


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